Patrol officers and in particular law enforcement personnel working in custody are exposed to MANY germs. There are several easy precautions that will dramatically boost your chances of staying well.

1. WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN-Before you eat at every three hours wash your hands with soap. Also, try to keep from rubbing your eyes.

2. DRINK MORE WATER-Water helps your body flush away viruses before they can take hold. Eight to ten glasses a day, more if you drink alcoholic or caffeinated drinks.

3.  USE YOUR OWN TOWEL AND GLASS-Obvious rule but easy to forget. I.e. having a sip of someone else's coke.

4. RELAX - Being rested and relaxed helps your immune system function properly

5. BE SOCIAL-Research shows that people with a strong broad network of friends and relatives have fewer colds and get over them faster.

(From Health Magazine)

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