American Psychological Association

Consumer Information about mental heath, the APA covers everyday issues, such as work stress, raising non-violent children, and controlling anger.  

The Center For Mental Health Services

In addition to Surgeon General reports, this site offers a host of publications about mental illness, disorder diagnosis, therapy, and related issues.  There is a good section for children, complete with educational games.  

Mental Health Matters!

Helpful sections devoted to alternative treatments, mental health statistics, self-help, and patients' rights.  

The National Register

A comprehensive database on 15,200 psychologists who have met the educational, licensing, and practice requirements to maintain membership.  

Psychology Works Fact Sheets

Canadian Psychological Association

The Fact Sheets provide reliable information to people about when to seek psychological services. The CPA web site states: "It is confusing to decide if you or someone you care about has a psychological problem. It is even more confusing trying to decide what the problem is and what to do about it. 'Psychology Works' is designed to give you information that you can trust."

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