Conquering Fear Of Meetings

According to a recent national survey conducted by 3M, 57 percent of people polled have felt nervous before business meetings. Despite the fact that the majority of people attend up to 10 meetings per week, many business professionals do not feel comfortable.

Michael Begeman, the manager of the 3M Meeting Network, has been studying work and meeting trends for more than a decade and believes the key to meeting success is preparation. According to Begeman, "The main reason people are uneasy before meetings is due to lack of preparation. Jotting down questions, reviewing related materials and the meeting agenda helps to ease nervousness and anxiety. By being better prepared, people can walk into a meeting with enthusiasm rather than apprehension."

Tips for Eliminating Fear of Meetings:

1. Review the meeting agenda to learn which issues will be addressed to be as prepared as possible.

2. Prepare questions and talking points to help ease the fear of saying something incorrect.

3. Listen carefully during meetings to help anticipate questions when called on to answer.

4. Practice presentations out loud in front of a mirror or a friend.

5. Rehearse it a few days before the meeting to polish rough spots and feel comfortable.

6. Double-check the meeting equipment before the meeting begins.

7. Doing this will help make you feel more prepared and leave less of a chance for technology mishaps.

With enough planning and preparation, meetings an become less nerve-wracking and more enjoyable. For more information about meetings and meeting tips, visit

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