Tips For Applicants

The purpose of a pre-employment psychological evaluation is to help predict how you will behave in the future.

The most important tool in making an accurate prediction is an assessment of how you have behaved in the past.Too often applicants admit that they have shown poor judgment or behaved immaturely in the past but they say they are now ready to show that they can behave responsibly.It does not work that way.You must demonstrate maturity and responsibility first before you are given the responsibility of a peace officer position.

1. When you decide on, or even contemplate, a career in law enforcement behave all the time in a manner that shows how you want to be evaluated.That means behave responsibly in your personal life, work life, and as a student.Good judgment in financial dealings, stable and mature relationships, positive work references from a stable job, and good grades with good attendance say more about readiness to assume more responsibility than any statement you could make during an interview.

2. Have a clear understanding of what the job entails, what will be required in training, and know specific information about the community and agency where you would like to work.

3. Do not practice by taking psychological exams in other agencies or with other psychologists.If you fail any part of the hiring process anywhere at any time, all future agencies will be aware of the failure and you will have to explain.Also, practicing taking psychological exams does not help. In fact, your psychological test profile my reflect defensiveness or an attempt to skew the results. You do not need to prepare for psychological tests in any way other than getting a good night�s sleep before testing. You need to "be yourself".

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